Jonte's interview with OUT magazine

Jonte' goes glam for his featuring spot in OUT magazine
Out magazine recently sat down and kicked it with Jonte', and we finally get to find out about all about him! How he started out in the industry, his own image, dancing and what inspires him.

Jonte' has been a name that has been floating around in the industry for a while. But nobody really knows who is other than that guy in heels who appeared in Beyoncé's "Freakum dress" and "Get me bodied" music videos.

I came across a couple of his music videos last year and instantly liked him. I admire how Jonte' does Jonte', and doesn't give a shit about how people may perceive him. He's breaking many stereotypes. And for him to be a black male strutting around in heels in mainstream music videos and kickin' it in dresses is cool to see. It's empowering for anybody who feels their race or gender disallows them from doing what they want to do.

I don't think Jonte' will have worldwide success. As open as the world is continuing to become, 'the politics' will prevent Jonte' being as big as he could be. But he is big business in Japan, and thanks to the Internet and YouTube, fans worldwide can still support him and his music. He is the nearest thing to a male Lady Gaga the game has right now in terms of sheer flamboyance and visual audacity.

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