Music video: Cheryl Cole - Parachute

"Parachute" is the only song Cheryl Cole's garbage album that I like. But I can't stand her voice on it. No matter what key Cheryl sings in, she always sounds like she's constipated. As with "Fight for love", "Parachute" would have sounded much better had it been given to a female who can actually sing. I vote Lady Gaga. The song may sound a little too tame for Lady Gaga. But just listen to the music and think about Lady Gaga's vocal style and tone. And hopefully you'll see what page I'm on with this.

Oh yeah! And as hot as Cheryl was looking in the music video, the whole thing was boring to watch.

I've got no love for Cheryl's solo music career. Her 3 words stint is fuelled by her spot as a judge on The X-Factor, constantly being in the papers over her relationship status with her cheating n***a of a footballing husband, and nothing more. It's not like there was anything about her during her time in Girls aloud that made you eagerly anticipate her going solo.


  1. It doesn't sound like her at all! Her voice sounds very high and squeeky, whilst when she normally sings her voice is slightly deeper and sultry.
    Will you be doing a review on Cheryl's album? I alwyas like reading them, especially the one's that bash the album/game as you do make me laugh!

  2. I think it must be the way the video was encoded or something. Because the song sounds like it's been taken up in pitch. The song in its intended pitch has Cheryl sounding much more sultry / crusty ;P

  3. as usual with cheryl its all image over substance, the clothes and look are hot but because i know without her team of stylists shes an uberchav i cant buy into her and as shes a fake ass bitch i cant even forgive her being a tramp in real life as i can for britney :P
    also she blatently ripped off kylie minogues "i cant get you out of my head" leg thing at 1:40 . . . she is lame, every song she "sings" is in the same boring tone of voice i gotta stop talking coz i can slag thisbitch off all day long :P


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