Music video: Kanye West - Coldest winter

Why did Kanye bother to release this video now!? I'm all for stretching an albums life span. But this seems so pointless now without some album re-release, a tour, something to coincide with it. It could be a tell tale sign. Kanye and his inflated ego letting the world know via musical expression and video how he feels. The media has pretty much given him the cold shoulder since the whole "I'mma let'choo finish" incident with Taylor Swift. Can't say I feel sorry for him. The silly n***a brings it on himself.

"Coldest winter" was one of my favourite songs off of 808s & heartbreak. As much as I loved it and as great a song it was, I never expected it to ever be a single. It just wasn't that kind of song. Kanye's given folk a new reason to take note of the song though, as many notable changes have been made with the version used in the music video. All of which was probably done to help the song tie in better with the music video. The production sounds much tighter. But I'm not feeling how the bassline was removed. "Coldest winter" was all about that bassline.

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  1. I saw this on iTunes, and was surprised it had a video. I thought Kanye fell off the face of the earth after the Taylor Swift incident. I wish he would have jumped up on stage when she won album of the year at the Grammy's. *shakes head*

  2. i only heard this the other day and sorry but as soon as i did i just thought WTF?!?
    the music on this is blatently ripped-off from Kate Bush's "running up that hill" you should listen to it and see if you agree...
    besides that though whats up with the vid? its ok i supphose but whats up with the harry potter death eaters? lol

  3. The song is actually built around Tears for fears' "Memories fade", and it samples it too. From the melodies, the beat and the way Kanye sings the chorus.


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