Music video: Kumi Koda - You're so beautiful

What is up with the first scene in this video? Kumi Koda looked like she had the whole of Hawaii throw up on her, and then had every one of its male residents pin her down and bukkake her. But she still looked hot.

You can always guarantee that Kumi Koda will drop one of these 'I'm gonna move slowly in a dress that blows in the wind, with my over decorated nails' music videos. Every album of hers has a single which has at least one. And Universe now has two: this and the snoozefest that was "Alive".

This music video looked nice, but was seriously boring. My J-Pop ho was looking real nice in the white with the smoky eyes though.


  1. HARSH! i really like the vid and although she was overloaded with the accessories i think she looked so beutiful (no jokes) the whole way through ^_^
    I love this song so much too, i've been playing in non-stop lol

  2. The song is okay. But not my fave. It sounds like the dozen other Stargate sounding songs that exist.

    Kumi looking hot in her videos is a given. My J-Pop ho will always make sure she looks on POINT in her music videos. Even if she's smearing doo-doo on her face how she was in the "Can we go back" PV.

  3. now, that first lil statement was a bit much...but wow, those nails are outrageous! i've never really noticed how crazy they've been getting cause she always gives such lovely face. she did look good tho....and the vid was mad hi-def!

  4. I didn't like this song at first but it's grown on me a fair amount. But yet again I loved 'Anytime' and 'Just the Way You Are' from her previous albums, and they all sort of have that 'easy listening, feel good' sound to them.

  5. uughhh, ALIVE was not boring, at least not to me lol it's one of my favorites ;^;


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