Music video: Leona Lewis - I got you

Nice video. It matches the song. That's all I can say about it really. Leona's not the kind of artist who drops highly original and conceptual music videos that stick in your mind. But she always looks nice in them.

"I got you" is a really nice song. I fell for it on a first listen. Whilst I did once think it would make a good single, I'm not so sure now. I think Leona would have been better off going with "Can't breathe" as a worldwide single, because it's nothing short of amazing.

Give it a read: Echo album review


  1. i actually really like this vid, its like a little movie lol ^_^
    and yeah check her eyes!!!! o_0 AMAZING!
    Ii think this should have been the lead single instead of "happy" and "can't breathe" the 2nd.
    I bought "echo" last week and really like it too.

  2. Yeah, 'Echo' is a really nice album. It surprised me, because I hated her debut. The thing I like about 'Echo' is that you get a stronger sense of who Leona is as an artist and what her niche is / could be. She's still got a way to go, but she's on the right track. It's a damn shame she left so many good songs off of it though. I like a couple of the left off songs more than some of those that made the final track list.

    And I gotta mention "Outta my head". That right there is my 'Echo' crack aside from "Can't breathe". I play that song so much in the car, it's actually quite sad :D


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