Music video: Mariah Carey - 100%

It really is such a shame this single was not used at the theme to the film Precious because is shitted all over Mary J. Blige's piece of crap song. And for this to be left off of Memoirs of an imperfect angel was a crime. The song is a winner. The beat, the lyrics and Mariah's vocals which sound strong throughout. I get flash backs of Butterfly when I listen to this song. I love it. "100%" has quickly became a favourite amongst fans.

As not to let it go to complete waste, the song will now feature on a soundtrack inspired by the 2010 Winter Olympic games. Too bad it got such a whack video. It's like somebody just edited pieces of her "Never too far" music video with an ESPN TV commercial.

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  1. this is so sad! the winter olympics?!?
    when i first heard this i was like WHOOOOA the old mariah is back!
    i love memoirs but youre right it would have been great on the album and why the fuck wasnt this the precious theme?!?
    it fits precious's story more than the mjb song which makes it sound like some NOTORIOUS rip off or something....
    its just annother example of a misguided and missused mariah -_- she needs new management or something.


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