Music video: Monica - Everything to me

Monica looks stunning in this video. Well...except for when she was kicking it in the park with her child and her boo. That curly mess on the right hand side of her head looked like her home girl from the hood clipped a piece of weave on the side of her head like a Christmas decoration. But she was looking on point in every other scene in this video. The best Monica has looked in a good while. She needs to roll with this elegant look full time and kill the ghetto trash look she occasionally used to rock.

The music video was dry. The whole Obsessed movie plotline dealio did nothing for me. And it did the song no favours. (You would have thought Monica would go to town on the bitch who was trespassing her shit!) But at least "Everything to me" got a video full stop. I was beginning to think it wouldn't get one and that some different single would get chosen instead. I'm really surprised that Clive Davis hasn't dropped Monica. Her album sales have been weak for years now.

I've not liked a great deal of Monica's albums. But every album she does drop always has at least one killer song which I fall for in a big way. "Angel of mine" was my shit from The boy is mine. "Hurts the most" is still my crack from After the storm. And "Getaway" from The makings of me was an absolute stunner of a song. So I'll be looking to her new album to hit me with that one track hotness.


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