Namie + All blacks + Cola Cola zero = New song

I hate this bitch! That's not really true. I love her really. But why is it whenever a song of hers is used in a commercial, that the commercial always, always, always looks better than any of her music videos!?

When "Wild" was used in Namie's first Coca Cola Zero commercial - her dance steps and her look were hot, then the music video was some uninspired rip off of Janet Jackson's "Feedback". When Namie shot a commercial for Vidal Sassoon using her song "Do me more" - the commercial looked lavish and awesome, then the actual music video looked cheap and boring. When she shot another 2 Vidal Sassoon commercials using her songs "Copy that" and "My love" - the commercials captured the energy and feel of the songs perfectly, yet they weren't developed into music videos at all. Hot mess.

I'm not sure how Avex Trax will go about releasing "Break it" given her album only released in December of last year. They may put it out as via Japan's ever popular Chaku-uta service. I can't say I'm jonesing for the song based on the clip though.

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