Random J pop resumes service!

Hello all! I'm sorry for my absence. I should have the arse holes that are British Telecom come bow their heads in apology with me, because they're the reason I've had no Internet for the past 3 weeks. Yup! I'm fine, good and well. My absence was phone line / Internet related.

The wonderful people at BT decided to f**k around with my phone line, which of course meant that my Internet service got buggered too. I am festering such hatred towards BT right now, because their cock up threw a spanner in my works like you would not believe. But all is good (until somebody at BT decides to mess with my line again!)

During my 3 weeks exile from the web I've been checking bits and pieces when and where I can. I'm funny about blogging and posting from computers' other than my own, which is why I wasn't able to let you all know that "I'm okay! It's just an Internet thing!" until now.

You'll have to excuse me whilst I play catch up. I had a shit load of posts ready to go and then *snip* No Internet. Over the weekend I'll be updating. There'll be new stuff posted in between some old stuff. So be sure to keep an eye out and also check out 'Older posts'. In case you've missed anything. You've been warned. I'll be dropping posts and updating like crazy over the next 2 days. So don't go any where and stay with me, ya hear?

I hope you've all been well and good over the past 3 weeks. And a big Thank you for the messages, e-mails and heads-up's I've received in my web space absence.


  1. Welcome back blogga dawg! For a second there, I thought you hopped a plane to Japan, and we'd never see you again!

  2. yay, you're back! i was relegated to reading old posts to keep me entertained in your absence!

  3. woohoo! thank god you're ok ^_^ haha i cant believe how much i missed this blog! cant wait for the updates.


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