Rihanna calls out rude boys on GMTV

Rihanna calls out rude boys on GMTV
The Forehead (aka Rihanna) been kickin' it in the UK, and has been making round trips to every popular TV show over here like her career is on borrowed time! (I won't make no jokes). The Forehead stopped off at the early morning TV show studios of GMTV to shoot the breeze on her career with two hosts who couldn't look like they cared any less about her and her music. It was a pretty brisk interview. GMTV interviews with artists are usually pretty lax and don't turn over anything we don't already know. Surprisingly though, she performed her single "Rude boy" too. Really!? "Rude boy" on GMTV?!

GMTV interview

Rihanna's "Rude boy" performance @ GMTV

"Rude boy" is a pretty 'to the point' song. No double entrendres, no nothing. Just a song about wanting a n***a with a big d**k. So I'm surprised GMTV let her perform it, and that she didn't go with "Hard" or "Russian roulette".


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