Shindong and his glass house

Super Junior's heaviest member spoke out on larger sized ladies. Wow! Talk about the pot calling the kettle a fat bitch...
If someone had to lose weight, I would tell that person to lose weight. Lose some weight, why can’t you take care of yourself. When I say this, the person might think, ‘Look who’s talking,’ but I would reply, ‘I’m a boy and you’re a girl.
This boy don't know. You don't EVER tell your woman to go on a diet unless you want a smack in the face and an abrupt end to a relationship. Even if you think that she needs one, you just don't go there.

Shindong is in no position to be making comments on weight. I'm sure he wouldn't like a girlfriend of his to tell his arse to go on a diet. Because Lord knows he's struggled with his own weight for years.

I've always poked fun at Shindong's weight here or there, but have always liked the fact that he was made an idol (and by one of Korea's biggest talent agencies at that) despite it. It went to show that whilst image is important in the K-Pop industry, a little extra weight doesn't mean you have no chance at being an idol. Shindong opened doors. He should be flying the flag for those who may think they can't be anything because they're a little on the chunky side. But he goes an makes stupid comments that pretty much say: Men can be big, Women can't. So it's okay for him to parade his chunky frame around, but not a girl? Double standards!? You bet'cha! Not a good look. Not every girl has to be as skinny as those frail chicks in Girls' generation to be pretty and or successful. Yesung and Leetuek also ran their mouths on larger ladies. These 3 committed more of a crime than Kang-in did.


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