Shitney Houston croaks in Brisbane

What in the world was this shit!? I've heard Didgerdoo passages with more tone and pitch than this bitch. Why does Whitney sound like Emperor Palpatine on crack? This was terrible. When I first heard Whitney was embarking on a world tour, my first reaction was "Bitch is stupid". Not only is Whitney's voice a shadow of its former self, but she has zero control over her voice as it stands now. It's almost as though she can't sing at all any more, and barely knows how to. It's deflating to hear an artist hustle like Rick Ross through songs that she used to be able to sing like they were walks in the park. It's a damn travesty. It pretty much cements that Whitney must have had to drops a dozen vocal takes in the studio to get shit right for I look to you. And even on that album there are a couple of bad notes that made the cut.

One of my friends told me she bought tickets to see her at the London o2. I laughed in her face. Almost 100 quid this bitch is charging! I wouldn't pay 50p to see Whitney now.

Give it a read: I look to you album review


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