The SNSD-bots' "Show! Show! Show!" it on Inkigayo

The SNSD-bots' 'Show! Show! Show!' it on Inkigayo
Girls' generation worked it for "Oh!" and "Show! Show! Show!" for a second time on Inkigayo. Surprisingly I'm not sick of neither song yet. This will change, I'm sure.

"Show show show" is stealing all of "Oh!"'s limelight in my opinion. It's a much better song, with a better dance routine, and an image that shows more of the direction that Girls' generation should be moving in. Although, the outfits continue to look iffy. It's hard to believe 2 billion won gets spent on their outfits when they roll out looking like they've been dressed with left overs from an after school drama club. I say the girls go with the super perms, sharp blazers, tailored hot pants and sexy heels and make like sexy magicians. "Oh!"'s look is much more cohesive in comparison.

"Oh!" is looking and sounding good live. But it's still all about "Show! Show! Show!" for me. It has more of the charm that "Tell me your wish (Genie)", only with a bit of sex thrown in. I hope SM entertainment make their SNSD-bots shoot a video for the song. They may as well, seeing as it's being promoted heavily alongside "Oh!".


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