Alicia chats with Oprah (with her fine ass self)

Even though Alicia be busy with her Freedom tour, she took the time to check in with Oprah and do a little interview. Alicia doesn't really go into much depth, and by Oprah's standards, the innterview is pretty brief. But Alicia looks great, and she treated everyone to a hot performance of "Try sleeping with a broken heart". I'm so GLAD she performed this instead of "Doesn't really mean anything to no one" or "Empire state of mind".

Alicia's interview with Oprah

"Try sleeping with a broken heart" live @ Oprah

Hot performance. I was hoping she would've just stood with a microphone stand and sung to the original beat, because I love how dirty it is. But this piano version was nice. Them vocals were strong! Much more so than the album version. Alicia always manages to sound better live than she does on CD's. With this in mind, I might have to look into that Freedom tour...

I love this woman. The way she carries herself and conducts herself is just hot. And I love that hair. I'd run my special finger all up through that hair. It's easy to see why Swizzy let Alicia 'Gimme Mashonda's set of' Keys come along and head shot his marriage. She's a 10 on the fly scale. Mashonda's like a 4. Or more like a 2 after this stint on Oprah.

I forgot that "Put it in a love song" even had a video! All these videos keep getting pushed back. I wanna see it now, because it looks like it'll be 4 minutes of nothing but weave thrashing, p***y poppin' and whinin' on the streets of Rio. And you know every Brazilian girl is born with rhythm, so we'll get p***y poppin' and low grindin' in the background from extra's too.


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