Amerie and 4 minute perform "Heard 'em all" together for the first time

Amerie and 4 minute perform 'Heard 'em all'
Amerie's In love & war album is a flop. It was pretty much a flop from before it even released. But that didn't stop her performing her single "Heard 'em all" at a KIA motors event. Here's the twist though: she performed the remix version of the song which features 4 minute! Whilst the song itself is very much 4 minute featuring Amerie, the performance had Amerie coming to the fore front a lot more.

The ladies all looked hot, and Amerie and 4 minute looked great together. It was almost like Amerie was their temporary leader, and that the girls were happy for her to be. They stood back and let Amerie thrash her weave, Amerie stepped back to let Hyuna pop her p***y. Real camaraderie!

I can't wait to see Amerie and 4 minute perform "Heard 'em all" on Music Bank on Friday (March 26), because the performance will look the business with a better stage set-up.

I think Amerie should try to make some waves in Korea. Amerie is gorgeous (her image is not even an issue), she's got cool a unique voice and can work a stage. Plus, she just seems like such a sweet person. I think she should take advantage of her part Korean heritage and try to do something with her career in Korea. It'd shake things up nicely, and she already has a great deal of support there. I think it's something she should look into. She's got nothing to lose...


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