Amerie and 4 minute swag it on Music bank

Amerie and 4 minute swag it on Music bank
The long awaited Music bank special stage performance that Amerie and 4 minute fans had been waiting for, ever since Amerie touched down in Korea. Lots of swag. Lots of leg. Lots of booty working. Hints of p***y poppin'. A super turbo charged weave thrash. A must see.

Hyuna needs to stop. She'll have a guy catching feelings with the way she was working her booty and poppin' her p***y. She just can't help herself can she? She's got swag for days. Her p***y popping would have been wasted in The wonder girls.

The choreography was a little samey and got boring after a while. But every single one of those ladies on the stage looked hot, was working swag, and did their thing. Amerie and 4 minute look great together. I'd love for them to do a special stage again real soon.

Amerie, if you happen to come across this: puh-lease consider re-locating to Korea for a while to hustle a career there. It could SO work for you. Plus, I wanna see you do "Abracadabra" with the Brown eyed girls. I feel a coma coming on at the thought...


  1. uhm, amerie totally kind of like...owned that. didn't really like the dance, but her vocals sounded good :) i don't think i was even paying attention to the other girls >.<
    she could probably definitely kick up a career in korea if she wanted to - she sure has the live talent to back it :)


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