Amerie thrashes her weave on MNet countdown

Lady Gaga looks a wreck on stage in New Zealand
Whilst Amerie kicks it in Korea, she's making the most out of making her shit known. She took to MNet countdown to perform her single "Heard 'em all". No 4 minute this time though.

I wasn't feeling the get-up. But Amerie has legs for days and looks fine in pretty much anything. The performance wasn't the best though.

Amerie looked good and sounded good, but the whole thing fell flat (and those in the crowd seemed to think the same thing judging by the deafening silence). Amerie could have done with more dancers. The routine is so damn simple and basic that homeless Mo down the street with his dodgy memory could watch it once and then do the whole thing. But more folk on stage to work the routine would have made all the difference, as Amerie's stint with 4 minute at the KIA motors event showed.

I wish Amerie would try and mix it up with a different song that she can really work with. "Heard 'em all" is so repetitive and boring. I'd love for her to perform "Higher" more: one of my favourite songs on In love & war, one which should have been a single, and the kind of song that'd get a crowed hyped and moving.


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