The Forehead and The fetus at the Kids choice awards

The Forehead and the fetus at the Kids choice awards
Two of the US's biggest stars right now: The singing fetus (aka Justin Bieber) and The Forehead (aka Rihanna) gave performances at Nickelodeon's 2010 Kids choice awards. I honestly had no idea Nickelodeon was still going. That channel was dead to me the second they stopped airing Sister, Sister and Rocko's modern life.

Say what you will about the singing fetus, but he sounded good live. I'm sick to the back teeth of "Baby" though. I hated the song from the first time I heard it. That chorus is so bloody annoying, and he sounds as though he's dying as he sings it. Bieber fever is at an all time high. Those girls were going crazy. If you look closely you can see young wannabe groupies throwing their LA Gear's and Claire's accessories at him.

Rated R does not feature a single song you could perform at a kids choice award show. Which is why The Forehead should have just performed "Don't stop the music" or "Umbrella" and left it at that. Kids ain't ready for the rawness of "Hard" and don't even get me started on "Rude boy". She shouldn't have performed the song at all. If you're going to re-tweak and re-arrange a song, do it properly or don't sing it at all. If you completely change the lyrics of "Rude boy" to be more kid friendly, you're going to end up with a completely different song, which is why she shouldn't have bothered performing. The song sounded bad, mish-mashed and as though The Forehead had forgotten the lyrics as a result of the half arsed attempt to make it PG-13. She should have changed rolled it out like...

♪ C'mere rude boy, boy where ya lollipop?
Go on rude gurl, gurls, go and p***y pop! ♪

The Forehead looked cute, but the performance was whack. It was just too all over the place, and you didn't know whether The Forehead was coming or going. She should have just gone.


  1. Good, so now you know I wasn't crazy in calling him a fetus.

  2. 'The Fetus' sounds nice with 'The Forehead'. Kinda a package deal. And you're still crazy for calling him a fetus *lol* (Fool) ;P

  3. The problem is his hair. The way it's cut is rather odd imo. I can understand not trying to thug him up but I've seen ten year olds on the street with more style.

  4. It's that windswept style I can't stand. He needs a hair stylist from a Korean or Japanese style team - because they know how to keep it movin' with the hair. No dude in the Korean or Japanese music game has the same hair style for more than 2 weeks. 3 weeks tops. *lol*

  5. LOL i love your nicknames. i had to think about "the singing fetus" he practically owns twitter!


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