Girls' generation's "Run Devil run" comeback stage

Girls' generation's 'Run Devil run' comeback stage
Girls' generation's debut live performance of "Run Devil run". The way Korea goes about these comeback stage never cease to amaze. These girls were performing "Oh!" non-stop and running that tired cheerleader routine into the ground not even 2 months ago. And fans act like this comeback marks their first performance in 2 years! SNSD fever is a damn epidemic!

This is one of the first performances I've seen where the girls are individually highlighted, and you take notice of them all. It's funny, because an online buddy of mine said the same for the song. I usually only pick up on Jessica, Tiffany and Taeyeon (and also Sooyoung, because she's a hot lil' thang). But in this performance I took note of every girl. Well...except for Hyoyeon. She may as well have not been there. Sunny is catching my eye in a BIG way. Bitch is swaggin' like she was waiting for SM stylists to turn her sexy from the get-go. Watch the looks she gives at the end of the "Oh!" music video and the way she milks her solo spot in this performance, and then tell me it ain't so. (With them fine ass lips).

A big deal is made out of Black soshi, and the girls perform in white outfits that don't look miles away from what they'd perform "Oh!" in! Still...the girls looked good (aside from the iffy Elizabethan collars) and I'm sure the girls will alternate between the white and (preferable) black get-up's during their "Run Devil run" promotional activities. I really am digging the new look and new song. I'm surprised Jessica and Tiffany didn't get given some English parts. They're usually the ambassadors for English in an Girls' generation song, even if it is stupid rubbish half the time.


  1. Yes sooyoung in an awesome beauty. her, sunny, and hyoyeon are my queeens

  2. Sunny was pur magic here. and that KICK at :55 was angelic.


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