Jason Derülo & Brian Joo perform "In my head" on Music bank

Amerie and 4 minute perform 'Heard 'em all'
Brian covered Jason Derülo's "In my head", which has spurred both parties to get together and do a special stage on Korean music shows! Their stint on Music bank marks Brian and Jason's second performance together.

I can't say I'm keen on Jason. I think his music is pretty weak. And his constant attempts to mimic MJ and Usher had my eyes rolling. I HATE his song "Whatcha say". I think it's f**king terrible what he went and did to Imogen Heap's "Hide and seek" which I absolutely loved.

Jason Derülo and Brian have zero chemistry. None what-so-ever. The 2 of them just seem so detached and distant from one another. And that fun, charismatic side of Brian was just not evident in the performance.

I am in full support of more Western acts doing special stages with Korean artists. I always love when the K-Pop game does special stages, because artists collaborating live on a regular basis isn't something you often see in the West. Getting big names together in the States is like aligning planets at times. But in Korea, it ain't no thang!

I am looking forward to seeing Amerie and 4 minute's special stage on Music bank tomorrow. Because I know them ladies is gonna bring it, and have Korea wishing Amerie was all up in Seoul full time.

Music bank also spelt one of the song writers name's wrong. It's Claude Kelly, not Clause. I like Claude Kelly's song writing, so I figured I should just shout that out right there.


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