Jennifer 'Tone deaf' Lopez on SNL

Jennifer 'Tone deaf' Lopez on SNL
"Pieces" and "Starting over" are appropriately named songs. Because these performances left her career in pieces and bitch is gonna have to start over after her departure from Epic records. I always knew Jennifer Lopez couldn't sing. But she went and pushed the bar right down to the floor on Saturday night live. Seriously. Bar is rolling across the frickin' floor with this shit.


Starting over

No, no, no... Jenny. What were you thinkin'!? You can't sing these slow songs. These songs are for the ladies who can actually sing in key and with the beat. Chicks with no vocals like yourself need to rock tight jeans, some fresh heels and just dance like your life, marriage and well being of your children depend on it! I know Jenny wanted to show off some new songs. But she really should have just mimed her way though "Love don't cost a thing" and "Jenny from the block". Neither of these new songs sound all that good. And whatever shreds of goodness they had, Jennifer Lopez sung it out of them.

Ever since Jennifer and P. Diddy split, her music career has never really been the same. I say she divorces her husband and gets back with Diddy. She seems so boring now. At least back then Jennifer was up on things and was interesting. Jennifer Lopez' career was the only career that n***a did good for.


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