Ke$ha tries to set a "Styrofoam" record straight

"I didn't write that bit". Hmmm... Why do I get the feeling she's lying through her Jack Daniel's brushed grill? She didn't have the balls to not sing the Britney line, but she sure as hell had enough to go and sing it.

Shit happens. Artists do things on the path to stardom that they regret once they get there. We read and hear about it all the time. But this whole Britney thing is just making Ke$ha look bad. Especially when her own talent is questionable, and it's so hard to see her still putting out hits in 10 years time. If Ke$ha had substance to her, was a decent live performer and she was bringing something-anything to the game that made you believe she has a career that can go the distance, it'd be a different story. But she really is no better than the person she's swiping at, not by a long shot.


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