Lady Gaga looks a wreck on stage in New Zealand

Lady Gaga looks a wreck on stage in New Zealand
Lady Gaga performed "Bad romance" during her set in New Zealand, and the romance wasn't the only thing that went bad.

Bitch, GET UP!!! She looked like she was dying on that stage. I would've taken off my shoe and thrown it at her if I'd paid good money and travelled far just to watch her looked bored stiff and sit her booty down on a stage. I'd expect this shit from Britney, not Lady Gaga.

If Gaga had made a spectacle with the illness, I would have rated the performance 5 stars. If you're going to be ill on stage, stagger all over the whole stage, throw up and roll about on the floor. Make that shit theatrical so people still feel they're getting their money's worth. Then they can go home like "Damn. Lady Gaga was sick. Actually sick! Bitch rolled around throwing up and everything. It was WICKED!"

Gaga really does need to rest and take some time off. Because her exhaustion has caused a couple of hiccups ever since she embarked on her Monster ball tour. I don't think this woman has taken a break since The fame came out.


  1. The AC was broken, apparently.

  2. Something was broken, because Lady Gaga looked like she was struggling to stay alive! *lol*

  3. I'm no fan but damn! That looked embarressing! You can see the guys in the background looking at each other & thinking; "Should we keep dancing?"
    According to the news she passed out 3 times because she was so jet lagged.


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