Leona pops up in Final Fantasy XIII manuals

If you flick to the back of your Final Fantasy manual you'll find this. Unless of course you own the Japanese version of the game, in which case you'll find something on this girl.

Final Fantasy XIII has been inadvertently taking over my life since it released last week. Which partially explains (okay...flat outright explains) why I've barely posted anything here all week. The game is like crack! The battle system be getting on my nerves at times, but it's a great lil' system. And I just wanna see how everything ends, now I'm at a point where the story is finally starting to kick off.

I've not heard the atrocious "My hands" in the game yet. But I don't think it'll show up in the game until the ending anyway. I really do think it's a shame that "Can't breathe" or "Brave" weren't chosen instead. Both songs oddly feature lyrics that match themes within the game, even more so than "My hands".

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  1. I just checked it out. It's a nice little picture, but it seems out of place (which is funny, because the song seems out of place in the game).

    *Spoilers for FFXIII for peeps reading this* (not for you J, you're ahead of me)

    Speaking of the game, I just got back to Nautilus after the awesome scene and boss fight next to Hope's dad's place. I can't stress how much better this game is than XII, IMO of course. I've had more feeling and fun with this game, 19 hours in, than the entire time I played XII. And when Hope was fighting that flying thing by himself, and then Lightning and Fang jumped in, the options with all the paradigm shifts was just awesome.

    Me likey this game. :) I'm hearing it opens up like crazy later on, with side missions and exploration, and I can't wait!

  2. I saw that too, she even has her own section on the FFXIII website. I also groaned when Leona's name came up on the opening sequence (before the title screen).

    The only bit about the combat I'm not fond of is that if the leader dies, it's game over. Especially in the first few hours when you're in control of characters such as Hope and Vanille who don't have the best HP. But I'm now about 14 hours in, just before the cast finally all come together so hopefully that problem will be fixed.

    And I too am enjoying it a lot more than FFXII, the last FF I enjoyed as much as this was X.

  3. X and XIII are pretty similar. (I was trying to tell Junlee how that Crystarium shit is pretty much the same as the Sphere grid). But I think XIII is the better game, because I genuinely want to get through it because I wanna see what the game throws at me next. As opposed to X where the game was boring, and I just played through it so it would all just end. It didn't get remotely good for me until near the end when you could get all the ultimate weapons, extra summons, go breaking damage barriers and fight the dark aeons.

    The whole 'Leader dead = Game over' gets annoying at first. Especially if you have a character or two with full health when the leader does die. And the game doesn't even give you a pass if one of your team members are in a Medic role and can cast 'Raise'. But it adds to the tension of battles, because you know you NEED to keep your leader alive. I start panicking when the screen starts going red. I get so caught up in 'Relentless assualting' an enemy when they're staggered, that I forget there is another enemy on the screen still laying into my characters! *lol*

    I'm at a point in the game where I can switch members as I choose, and the Crystarium has let me give any member any role. So Paradigm combinations are about to get REAL interesting... ;D

  4. Sweet, I can't wait to get to that point. I know what you mean about panicking when the screen goes red. I switch to 'War and Peace' or another paradigm with a medic in it with the quickness when I see that.

  5. I actually love X, but I also love IX and VIII - two of the FF games that get mixed reception. I've yet to play any FF game prior to VIII but with VII avaliable to download on my PS3 I'll probably play it at a later date.
    Since you're not fond of X you may enjoy this, it's part 1 of a long video series: http://spoonyexperiment.com/2010/03/11/it-begins-again/
    He's reviewed (sorry, ranted) VIII as well, his humour is hit and miss at times but I did find this vid funny - despite loving the game.

    Yeah I think I'm about 2/3 hours or so from the area where you can change your party as you like, so I look forward to being in control of who I want. And I get the same way when the screen goes red; my brain goes "SHIT SHIT SHIT QUICK CHANGE PARADIGM!!!!" Lol.

  6. VIII was as flawed as hell. But I have a great deal of love for that game. I'm not sure what it is about VIII that made me like it as much as I did. But I really did enjoy it. The ending (in my opinion) is one of the best in the whole series. It's the only Final Fantasy game I've completed where I felt 100% satisfied with the ending in terms of what happened and how everything concluded. And the after party camcorder scene during the credits was awesome. That alone shits on the endings in some of the other games.

    I couldn't stand IX. I loved Vivi. He was a brilliant character who I wound up caring for like mad! *lol* But all of the other characters got on my nerves. The FMV was amazing though. The scene with Alexander and Bahamut made my jaw drop when I first saw it. Hope's summon in XIII is a cool throw back to that Alexander too ;P


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