Linda Perry speaks on Aguilera's Bionic

Linda Perry and Christina Aguilera
4 non blondes front woman, ASCAP award winning song writer and producer Linda Perry lifted the lid on Christina Aguilera's Bionic album, and took on the subject of what Aguilera is best known for: her voice...
She’s toning it down a lot. Everybody knows that Christina can sing, but I’ve been telling her that she doesn’t have to blow horns off every day. I think for Christina, not singing full out is probably the most vulnerable, insecure place for her. So to tone it down and not hit the big notes, that’s a really touchy place for her. But I think it’s great that she’s doing it and taking herself there.
Christina Aguilera is a talented lady. Can't nobody say she can't sing, because her vocals speak for themselves. But what has always annoyed me about Christina is how she oversings so much. Once she gets going, she just don't stop until she's beaten you down with the belting. My favourite Aguilera song of the lot is Back to basic's "Without you". She sounded beautiful. And even without the belting, she still sounded amazing. So I really hope Linda got through, and that Aguilera has toned it down. Obviously people still want to hear the voice, it's a major part of her being who she is. But nobody wants to hear it belting on 15 tracks.

I never would have thought that Linda Perry and Christina Aguilera would be rolling so deep. I honestly though Aguilera only reached out to Linda Perry to hop on P!nk's bandwagon with Missundaztood (which she probably did given the success and turn-a-round P!nk had with her). But here they are - still working it out.

Linda Perry is one of the most talented female producers in the game. I don't think she gets enough credit for her craft. So I think it's great she's still making records with such a well known artist.

Linda Perry on Christina's new album @ That grape juice


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