Mo' "Telephone" visual goodness

Yamino's 'Telephone' artwork @ Deviant art
This is plain awesome. So awesome that Lady Gaga herself twittered her approval of it! This amazing piece on the left was drawn by Gaga fan Yamino and posted over at Deviant art. I think it is absolutely bad ass. It's fun. It's colourful. It's downright naughty.

This just adds to the overall hysteria for "Telephone" right now. Things could not be going better for Lady Gaga and this song. And also Beyoncé who turned in more than just a cameo role in the music video and looked great in it. I hope Beyoncé took some tips on how you turn a music video into a damn event that melts the internets.

I also hope when she records her next studio album, she'll allow Rodney Jerkins to get more than one joint on it. That man is GOOD for her and her sound, and don't no producer in the game know Beyoncé how he does. He's been rolling with B since Darkchild '99. He's needs to do her whole damn album and give her songs so good and rife with chemistry that it makes me mad he never gave the songs to Brandy.


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