Music video: 2PM - Follow your soul

The video was cute. Even if it was just "10 points out of 10"'s video without Jay. I know full well hottests were slowing down on Junho's scene as 2:47 to see if they could spot the ding-a-ling swangin' through the jogging bottoms and to watch him dip it low. What was up with that girl though. Can't a chick brush her own damn teeth!? I don't care how fine a girl is, I wouldn't brush her teeth unless she was either:
  • Paralysed and couldn't do it herself
  • It was a stipulation for me getting some head: "You clean my teeth, I clean your willy"
The song did nothing for me at first, but Junsu and Junho's English did it for me funnily enough. I really like how they sound singing in it - Engrish and all! Taecyeon's constant shouting over the song gets annoying though. He's like a Korean DJ Clue.


  1. unghhh! where do they get these boys from?! they're all so damn cute!!! junho's smile is to die for. big bang too - i'll fight any girl over taeyang!

  2. Ever since Jay's departure, Junho has really been coming into his own and standing out more. I didn't even notice him in the group until one of the last episodes of Wild Bunny. I was like "Damn, who is that all up in that living room like he's part of the group? Is it Rain!?" *lol*


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