Music video: Ai Otsuka - Zoccondition

Such a simple, but cool video which matched the song nicely (the song title translates as Marriage condition).

"Zoccondition" serves as the theme song for a canned beverage. Yeah, I know. I'm scratching my head too. Unlike Korea, product placement in music videos is not chronically common place with songs and music videos tied to a retail product in Japan. You'll get an advert which features the song, and then a music video with no hint of it being tethered to the product at all.

I've not followed Ai Otsuka a great deal, because her voice can really grate and annoy me if I'm not in the mood. Between the thrashing guitars and her high pitched wails, it's enough to give you a brain haemorrhage. But you kinda acclimatize to it once you've heard enough of her songs. Perhaps I just envy her because she's from Osaka. Damn, I love that place...