Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - Lady Dynamite

People's gonna have Lady Gaga's name all up in their mouth about this video. The dude in the red feathers and lace looking like Gaga at the VMA's, Ayumi's disco-ball bra, guys dressed in camped up gear... Everything most chicks do these days gets compared to Gaga, like time stood still and nobody did a damn thing the whole time she wasn't in the music game. But all comparisons aside, I thought this was a really fun video. It shows a side to Japan that perhaps many thought did not exist: that there is such a thing as gay Japanese men, and they gets down like gays do every where else. And also that Ayumi Hamasaki has more than one facial expression that actually has her look human.

Robot face looked like she was genuinely having a fun time. I get so sick of seeing her putting on some expressionless act, that it was nice to see her just act a little buck wild and not really try so hard. A couple new dance moves would have been nice though, because she was spamming the same one from start to finish. Cool video though.

"Lady Dynamite" is another song we can add to the (so short we shouldn't even call it a) list of songs that actually alludes to the album title Rock 'n roll circus.


  1. I can't help and think about BENNIE K's video for "HI-EXPLOSION" because of the guys in drag at a club, and Maki Goto's video for "Lady-Rise" because of the pink background <3

    I just don't like how she seems to over act, and how she bares her teeth quite a bit o.o

  2. wOw i love this! it's one of the best songs i've heard from Ayu :P
    I was getting a bit bored of her playing the princess in all her vids so it's good to see she's shaken her game up some ^_^
    All the vids that are being released nor are top class, i think this album's gonna do better that "next level" fo sure.

    p.s yeah she's moving her face!!! she looks amazing as always lol i wanna go clubbing with her ^_~


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