Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - Microphone

The one and only song I've heard so far which alludes to the Rock 'n roll circus album title. And also the album cover (kind of) seeing as this video was filmed in my home city of London! Several of the scenes for this video were shot at The old royal naval college, also known as Greenwich University. The scenes of the woman and the girl are shot in the middle of the campus, whilst the scenes of Ayumi in her (probably super expensive) black dress were shot in what looks like the famous Painted hall. I wonder if anybody there knew exactly who she was?

Great song though. And whilst I don't think the video is all that great, Ayumi was working that black dress.


  1. OMG! as soon as i saw the dress i knew this was gonna be crazy lol
    It's a really good song and no offense to kumi but it makes can we go back look like a whack attempt at rock lol
    The video is really cool and im loving all the scary people n shiz, but i gotta say ayu really looked like gong li when she played hatsumomo in memoirs of a geisha lol (hot).

  2. What was the video suppose to be about? The guy dancing with the mop looked out of place and the lad with the knife look like he stumbled out of a horror flick! Still, I loved seeing the Royal Navel college as my mum graduated there and I love Greenwich - I wish to live there one day.

    Good song overall, and I agree it's the first song to match it's album title.


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