Music video: Estelle featuring Kardinal Offishall - Freak

This video was boring, and actually rather whack. I did like the song, but I find it boring and a little crap now. It's just too samey and monotonous. A song like this needs more vocal swagger and lyrics that border between silly and kinda vulgar: enter, Missy! Missy Elliott would have handled this beat. And we know full well she would have shut it down with the video.


  1. OMG! what the fuck was that besides a waste of my time?!?
    the song is shit and sounds like a song i cant remember, the video whas shit!
    As usual Estelle churned out more crap... you know shes gonna milk American Boy her whole life because everything else she makes is SHIT!
    p.s who ever her stylist/make-up artist is should be sued they made her even more fucked up looking than she usually does...

  2. i saw this vid and for the first time in my life said "there's 4 mins if my life i won't ever get back."


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