Music video: Jagged edge featuring Trina & Gucci Mane - Tip of my tongue

Shit. I didn't even know these n***a's still had careers!

I can't say I've liked any of Jagged Edge's albums on the whole. J.E heartbreak was probably my favourite, because of the timeless "Let's get married" and my shit "Keys to the range". "Walked outta heaven" was a blinder, but I wasn't keen on the Hard album at all.

Whilst "Top of my tongue" is your average hood garbage, I do like the song. The beat goes hard, the beat is pretty hot and it's a good track for the summer. But I can't see this song blowing up. Although Urban radio will probably show the song some love. Choice FM here in the UK always bump Jagged edge if they have something new floating about.

What was up with the video? Shit looked as cheap as Trina, and as though ii was filmed by one of the random poolside hoes. The budget probably got blown on the bottles of Nuvo


  1. woooooooowww....they been gone for a minute. and someone else sampling the art of noise - everything old is new again eh?


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