Music video: Ke$ha featuring 3OH!3 - Blah blah blah

When you're in a club, everybody is a little bit drunk and this song comes on; everybody acts like a freak. I'm talking moshing, grinding and just random dance steps. As with "Tik tok", "Blah, blah, blah" is all about the catchy hook and the way the beat drops during it. Doesn't mean it's good though.

"Blah blah blah" is an okay song. It doesn't do anything for me. 3OH!3's verse feels completely unnecessary, and like a tacked on attempt for both them and Ke$ha to piggyback off of one another's success of "Starstrukk" and "Tik tok" respectively.

The video was your same ol', same ol'. I liked the random shots of Ke$ha being shot into the air on stunt wires. And she's a hot looking girl when she fixes up, and isn't looking like some drunk, weed head mess, who looks like she just crawled out of alley way sex with some stranger.

I can't say I'm a fan of Ke$ha. Her live performances are horrendous, her Animal album really isn't that good, and she just doesn't have any lasting appeal. But kudos for getting herself a record deal and at least 1 hit. If she can prove me wrong and stay in the game with top 10 hits for the next 5 years, then good for her!


  1. To say I'm not a fan of Kesha would be putting it nicely. Everytime I see her on TV, she looks like she just woke up after a night of drinking and gang banging. And her voice! Holy shit, is it annoying.

    I hate myself for liking "Tik Tok". But really, the rest of her album is atrocious.

  2. i feel like this song has the same structure of tik tok and i understand keeping with what got you on the map, but that's only gonna last so many times.....


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