Music video: Robin Thicke featuring Estelle - Rollacoasta

This song is cheesy as hell. And if Robin was tired of the Justin comparisons, then he'll get them full force with this FutureSex/LoveSounds sounding joint. And why even put Estelle on the song?! She added nothing to it. She may as well have been a miscellaneous studio singer on the song, because I would never hear this on the radio and say "Oh, that's Estelle on the hook!" because she sounds so 'anybody'.

The video was cool, but I found it awkward to watch. Robin and Estelle had as much chemistry in the video as they do on the song (zero), Estelle was not looking sexy at all, and although Robin looked like a tired pimp with the dance moves of somebodies Grandfather, he was still workin' the sexy swag.

If this guy wasn't so in love with his wife, you know he'd be hittin' all the p***y that must get thrown at him daily.


  1. when will people realise estelle was over as soon as american boy finnished?
    stop giving the fugly skank airtime people...


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