Toni Braxton's Pulse album cover

Toni Braxton's 'Pulse' album cover
The album cover to Toni Braxton's oft delayed album Pulse. This is a really nice cover. Her pose is stiff, and that wig looks like some Mufasa Lion King bullshit. But the sexy siren pose is nice. And the strange metallic like finish on the skirt makes the image pop nicely. Toni always looks nice on her covers. As boring as they always are, she never ever looks bad on any of them.

Much of Toni's Pulse sessions have already leaked - more than an albums' worth. So it will be interesting to see what makes the final track list and if there are any surprises in store. Toni's spoken out about the leaks and has said it's been hard finalizing the track list and just getting the album done period as a result. Goes without saying really. I just hope the whole album isn't full of leaked material, as good as some of it was.


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