2AM sell chicken

2PM seem to be channelling that full unadulterated fun that 2PM used to before Jay left. I know 2PM still make like they're the same group. But them smiles and that laughter don't seem as pure as they did when Jay was around. Them boys is brooding on the real. That shit you see in "Heartbeat" and "Without U"'s music videos. That shit is how 2PM probably wishes they could roll in public behind the smiles and shit.

I'll never understand why 2AM they got lumped with being a ballad group when you've got 2 members of the group who can dance their arses off, 1 member who clearly seems to love funky uptempo songs he can ssanti to and a whole group who seem as though they could do with some fun upbeat songs as an outlet for their craziness. Ah well. At least there's always chicken. I feel to call 1577-5577 right about now, because that chicken weren't looking too shabby at all. I'm hungry as hell and can't be bothered to cook.


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