2PM's It's skin TV commercials

2PM's sunblock commercials
JYP pimped out 2PM to film some commercial for a brand of sunblock which shares the groups' name. And in contrast to their depressing, moping music videos and recent string of performances, this was your regular 2PM goofiness. It feels like a hot minute since I saw these guys goof off.

Version 1

Version 2

These were really funny. Junho and Junsu in the car had me dyin'. Junho is quickly turning into my fave member of the group. He's just so bloody goofy! He was like wallpaper during the early 2PM days, but he's really coming into his own now.

These commercials just made me think of how much I miss Wild bunny. It's a shame what transpired with the whole Jaebeom situation, because I would have loved for that show to have finished on a high note. It was so damn funny. Be sure to YouTube it if you've not seen it yet. If you're not feelin' 2PM now, chances are you will once you watch the show. It's definitely what made me like them as a group and see what the big deal was with Jaebeom. Because he really did set the tone for the group.


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