The 4.0's to record their debut album

The 4.0's [from L to R: Amelle, Heidi, Jade]
The 4.0's are already making plans for a new album. In the wake of Sour 7 bombing in the UK like it's 1941 - the management are set to throw the girls' into the recording of a follow up. It will mark the first album to be recorded from start to finish by the 4.0's. Unless of course Amelle decides to go missing and a bitch gets kicked out again.

The Sugababes are dead. As a fan of the the group from the days of One touch right up to Taller in more ways, I could not be more disappointed in how the Sugababes name has been dragged through the dirt over these past 5 years. There is ZERO hint of the group I fell in love with. Even though Heidi's still in the group, she may as well not be - because she gets given small bit parts in songs and is like wallpaper now. She needs to just get married to Dave Berry, announce she's leaving the group, have Island drop a greatest hits from their past 4 albums (good luck finding the hits amongst them. I sure struggled) and just call it a day. Because the whole Sugababes situation is just embarrassing now. Plus, word is that Heidi isn't happy within the group now. And that she may possibly regret having sided with Amelle during the whole debacle which ended up with them telling Keisha "Bye" and having a bitch catch her P45 in the post. Heidi needs to tell me where she buys them sour grapes so I can make me some wine to sip as I sit and watch this shit unravel like Aretha Franklin's nightie straps.

I'm going to direct the girls to the autobiographical 9th track of their flop album, and let them think about that shit.

Sugababes begin work on new album @ Digital spy


  1. "good luck finding the hits amongst them. I sure struggled"

    I dunno, I think you did pretty well, sure I didn't like ALL the songs but I think you did good work!

    I do hope that the new album doesn't happen; I heard that the original Sugababes are apprently working to get the name copyrighted and I think they should. The girls I used to respect for their music and writing their own songs are long gone.

  2. I still remember when I fell in love with the 'babes during One Touch, and listening to the title track over and over. Then I remember how excited I was when I first listened to Angels with Dirty Faces--it was probably one of my fave albums of 2002. They were ON.

    And then Mutya left and it all hit the fan :( "Easy" and "About You Now" did nothing for me. I honestly didn't think it could get worse...and then of course it did when Keisha got kicked out.

    I thought Catfights & Spotlights was bad and boring, but Sweet 7 really took things to a new abysmal low. It's gonna take a miracle to turn things around for the next album.

    Bring back the original three!


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