Angela Aki mesmerises with a live performance of "Kagayaku hito" live @ Haru uta 2010

Angela Aki mesmerises with 'Kagayaku hito' live @ Haru uta 2010
Angela Aki performance her single "Kagayaku hito" at the Haru uta 2010 event to a modest crowd of people who appear to have lost the ability to sway or bop their heads to Angela's sweet music. Shame on them. Shame! Check out Angela's mesmerizing performance after the jump.

The more I hear this song, the more I love it. Something about the song draws you in, and just compels you to sit and listen to the whole thing. Angela's live performance was stunning. You could see everybody in the crowd was feeling that same compelling shit. At least I hope they were. Otherwise they're all boring sons of bitches. They could have at least swayed and put a lighter up in the air or something. If I was on a stage performing and everybody was stood as still as a statue, I'd cry on the inside and then all the way home.


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