The Archandroid tracklisting

Tracklisting for Janelle Monáe's 'The Archandroid'
Information is slowly filtering out on Janelle's debut full length album The Archandroid. And I'm glad to see that promotion for this album is starting to kick off and get a little bit viral online. People cannot be sleeping on this chick, because she's doing it like no other in the game right now. And I just have this feeling this album is going to be classic from the word go. If a bitch let's me down with this album, I will cry and go Chris Crocker style on YouTube.

Peep the track list for Janelle's soon to be classic after the jump.

  1. Suite II overture
  2. Dance or die (featuring Saul Williams)
  3. Faster
  4. Locked inside
  5. Sir Greendown
  6. Cold war
  7. Tightrope (featuring Big Boi)
  8. Neon gumbo
  9. Oh, Maker
  10. Come alive (The War of the Roses)
  11. Mushrooms & Roses
  12. Suite III overture
  13. Neon valley street
  14. Make the bus (featuring Of Montreal)
  15. Wondaland
  16. 57821 (featuring Deep Cotton)
  17. Say you'll go
  18. BabopbyeYa

It sure is nice to see an 18 track LP during a time when albums seem to feature 12, including the bonus track and a remix of its lead single.

Janelle originally planned to release 4 short suites (mini-albums), which would collectively form a long player known as Metropolis. But after signing a record distribution deal with P. Diddy's Bad boy label (yeah...I know) things changed, and now her second and third suites will be put together with extra material to form The Archandroid. Which means we'll still be owed a concluding forth suite at some point.

Janelle is going to have me fall so deep in love with this album - I can feel it. Once again Janelle has me catching Kid Cudi vibes with hooking up some alternative Indie talent on the album in the form of Of Montreal. I can't wait to hear how that song sounds. I bet it's going to be as funky as hell and sound like it was produced under the influence of weed.

The Archandroid is in stores on May 18, and it's lead single "Tightrope" is available now.

Take a look: The Archandroid album cover | The Archandroid teaser trailer
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  1. Damn! 18 tracks?!?! That's nice!! My only complaint about Metropolis was the short length, but that sure won't be a complaint with this album.

    I too have a feeling it's going to be amazing. It's got to be.

  2. since i saw the amazing artwork and trailer posted by you i checked out her 2 of her songs.
    I wasn't that fussed on tightrope but i LOVED cold war so im gonna look deeper.
    I'd probably buy the album just for the cover though lol
    I hope it gets a release in the UK. :)

  3. I can't wait... I should probably BUY this joint.


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