Ayumi Hamasaki's Next level tour promo trailer

I couldn't stand the album, but the tour for it looked great. It reminded me of Madonna's Sticky & sweet tour, only better; and without being subjected to watching some 50 year old ho open her legs in fish nets and hot pants.

I love Hikaru Utada. I'm still on track to get her knocked up and trap her in a marriage for the sake of the child. But ain't no bitch in the J-Pop game who puts on a show like Ayumi Hamasaki. She goes all out! Sometimes you just need an artist who is always going to go all out with their set, dancers and outfits - and Ayumi is that one. Kumi Koda is reaching for Ayumi, but she's not quite there yet. I mean, c'mon. Bitch had a damn full scale pirate ship on her tour a couple of years back. That is how she rolls. Nothing by halves.

I would genuinely like to see ol' Robot face live. Her stage game and putting on of a big show would make up for the songs I'm not keen on.


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