B2ST's Doo Joon and Amerie kick it

B2ST's Doo Joon and Amerie kick it
Whilst in Korea, Amerie was say down for an interview with B2st's leader Doo Joon. The two seemed to hit it off rather nicely despite the language barrier...

It's always crazy when you see Korean and Japanese stars who are MASSIVE in their respective country interview a worldwide star, because they get all shy and coy just like any regular Joe would. It's funny to see.

This interview was cool, funny and pretty smooth considering you had the translator playing the middle person. But it looked as though at times Amerie and Doo Joon could catch the gist of one another. I did cringe when he started singing for Amerie, but at least he had a good voice.

Doo Joon looked like he was blushing and finding it hard to contain himself. D'ya think had the hots for Amerie? Not out of the realm of possibility. There's a lot to have the hots for. Them legs for a start, and just how damn pretty Amerie is. And if that wasn't enough, she's cute, humble and sweet - which makes her even more hot. I'd pump Amerie like gas.

In love & war is a flop. I don't even think that album sold enough to be certified plastic. But I hope she manages to hustle, catch another hit, and land with a label willing to invest some time and effort into promoting her. In love & war was not the perfect album, but there were songs on it that could have been big hits if they were pushed for: "Dangerous" and "Higher" to name two. Amerie performing "Dangerous" whilst in Korea would have been a cool look for her as it goes. Actually, no; it wouldn't have. Because netizens probably would have torn Amerie a new vagina and claim she stole BoA's "Lose my mind".


  1. haha he was so cute interviewing her XD but it was very cringeworthy when he started singing to her lol (its always embarassing when somebody randomly starts singing :P).
    OMFG! Amerie was looking SO hot :P
    I still cannot understand why she isn't HUGE (besides her shit labels non existent promotion) she is gorgeous, tallented, makes grear music and is intelligent she's like the perfect woman lol
    I think she really should try working on some Korean music that would be amazing and i'm sure she'd go down very well over there ^_^


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