Behind the scene shot of Crystal's Flash shoot

Crystal's behind the scene shot on the shoot of her 'Flash' EPCrystal shot the album cover and promo images for her Flash album today, and this is a behind the shoot pic.

Crystal always switches up a hair a little with each album cover and it looks like Flash is all about the frizz. And d'ya know what? I think she looks cute! I was getting tired of that straight ginger business she was rolling with for her The best of releases.

I'm wondering what the Photoshop artists are going to do to Crystal's skin tone, because they've been messing with that shit since she turned 18. So what they gonna do? Keep it natural? Darken it how they did for Call me miss...? Or have her looking like a tree spirit from Princess Mononoke.


  1. I love the friz. I think it's sexy. It bounces. :D

  2. haha i just saw that on twitter!!! ^_^
    she looks really cute and i hope they dont mess with her skin colour (again) her skin looks lush!
    if they make her darker the hair colour will look WRONG & if they make it lighter she'll look washed out...
    seriously cannot wait for "Flash" make it a full album please!!!! lol


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