The Black eyed peas cover Rolling stone

The Black eyed peas on the cover of Rolling stone
The Black eyed peas' image has been pretty hot during their The E.N.D run. Fergie stepped her game up and even Taboo was swaggin' some sexy in the "Boom Boom Pow" video with his new hair cut. He looks more like a fly dude, and less like a Brazilian crack Lord with a Grandfather named Esteban who owns Favela ho's, and pimps from a wheelchair.

The Black eyed peas have confirmed they've been putting together some new material for a follow up to The E.N.D. Which'll probably mean another album full of auto-tune and songs which have a phrase repeated over and over until it makes your brain attempt to have your whole body would shut down just so your ears won't have to be subjected to it ever again. is a solid producer. But he's inconsistent and when he works on a whole album, he shows a complete lack of variety. So I'd love for him to relinquish some control on an album and let other producers interpret BEP's sound.


  1. I love it when things... stick up on
    I'm talking about his hair!!! XD


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