Brandy & Ray J's interview on The Wendy Williams show

Brandy & Ray J's interview on The Wendy Williams show
Brandy and Ray J are everywhere as a result of this new VH1 show. They've never gotten this much air time before when they've had albums out! I honestly didn't take in this interview, because a) I can't stand Wendy Williams and b) The beginning dropped a bombshell concerning Brandy's relationship with a producer which had me thinking Oh no...

I was stuck on "[Rodney] did NOT give me his best work on Human". Wow. A bit of a contradiction to how Brandy was gushing over how right their chemistry felt after the album was done.

I know how everybody constantly talks about how Brandy and Rodney belong together, completely disregarding how hot the Timbaland helmed Afrodisiac was. But I'd take Afrodisiac over Human and Full moon any minute of the day, any day of the week. I liked Human, but I didn't love it. I loved songs from it, but not the album as a whole. And regardless of whether Brandy's spat on Rodney was truthful or scripted - I agree with what she said. Rodney did NOT come hard enough for Brandy on Human. His shit was lax and that hunger he had to deliver the B-Rocka hotness for Never say never and Full moon - it wasn't there on Human. It's this hunger that made Afrodisiac so hot. Timbaland was hell bent on giving Brandy the best, and he did. The music speaks for itself really. Because the albums' worth of material which leaked from Brandy's Human sessions and didn't make the cut sound better than what ended up making the final tracklist. "Love me the most" and "Causalities" alone doo-doo over half the album.

At this rate, I would not be surprised if Brandy cut a n***a out of her next album. Ray J seems to be making it his mission to let Brandy know Darkchild is best for them both, but Brandy's not too convinced. Timbaland is not looking like a better option though, with his fallen off sound. Brandy may have to look else where for album number 6. I recommend MIDI Mafia, Los Da Maestro, Danja, Eric Hudson, Bryan Michael Cox and urge Brandy to reconcile with Robert Smith, because that n***a did NOT steer Brandy wrong on Full moon. Everything they did for other artists and for Afrodisiac was fire. It's a shame most of it flopped and went unreleased.


  1. i watched this when she was on wendy last week and said to myself "this is gon be on randomjpop in 2.25 seconds." glad you be on that grind j! :)

  2. I always take that little bit longer with stuff, because you know I don't just throw shit up. I have to have walls of text to go with everything! *lol*

  3. I saw her talking to Rodney about this on her show, and it sounds like Rodney didn't feel he was getting that full Brandy commitment either. He didn't like the fact that she was running over to other studios with other producers. I guess he wanted to do the whole album, and Brandy wanted something else. I don't know.

    Regardless, I still loved Human. I can't remember who it was, but whoever she worked with on "Gotta Find My Love", she needs to hook up with him again. To this day, I still can't believe that wasn't on Human. Such a crazy hot song.

  4. Rodney Jerkins did as much of Human as he did Never say never and Full moon - so he got as much of a Brandy album on Human as he had before.

    I think Brandy ditching the Darkchild camp for Timbaland when she recorded Afrodisiac left a sour taste in Rodney's mouth, because he's touched on it several times when the subject of producing Brandy's Human has come up. And in a live session of his on Ustream he randomly commented on it.

    Human was good. But I didn't think it was as good as Brandy's past albums. I loved the messages within the songs. But I don't play that album nowhere near as much as I do Never say never, Full moon and Afrodisiac. Not even close.

    And "Gotta find my love" was an iTunes bonus track, which was produced by the same guy who produced the song "Human".

  5. I don't think it's as good as Afrodisiac, but I do like it better than Full Moon. That album came out blazing, but then fell off for me towards the end for me.

    Rodney needs to get over it though if he's still sour about her working with Timbaland.


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