Brandy & Ray-J's interview

Brandy & Ray-J's interview
The promotion is in full swing for Brandy & Ray J's VH1 semi-reality show A family business (I didn't know there was still one?!) sat the siblings down to ask them a few questions. Brandy was cute and even Ray-J who often comes off like an idiot was pretty cool and funny in this interview. And you could see how supportive he is of his sister.

Part 1
"[Brandy and I] we're like night & day"

Part 2
"I'm not gonna do the rapping thing a lot on the next album, because I think fans want Brandy in the bathroom"

Part 3
"My celebrity crush? Already crushed her!"

I felt to slap Brandy for saying she's disappointed fans with her music. Bitch, what!? I'll admit that she fell off a little with Human. But any disappointment I may have felt with that album was countered by the albums worth of material that leaked not long after the album dropped. "Freedom", "One thing", "Love me the most", "Back and forth" and "Casualties" satisfied me to no end. What disappointment? She needs to shut up and just do music how she always does. I think what disappoint fans the most is the lack of promotion she does for her albums; and how after one single, her albums are pretty much dead. Full moon, Afrodisiac and Human all had their single and promotional runs end prematurely.

It was interesting to hear Ray J speak about Rodney Jerkins and that he's best for Brandy. I was thinking that Rodney was the only producer to get that hotness out of Brandy, because Never say never and Full moon were on some crack ish...up until she went and recorded Afrodisiac! That album was top to bottom, front to back hotness. And not a great deal Rodney gave Brandy for Human came close to touching it in my opinion. And all of the non Rodney Jerkins produced songs which got left off the album were better than the Darkchild productions which made it. Whatever chemistry Rodney and Brandy had back on Never say never and Full moon, I wasn't feeling it much on Human. But that's just how I feel. And whatever chemistry Ray J thinks he has with Rodney Jerkins, it never came close to what he and Brandy had. Everything Rodney's given Ray J sounded like shit he'd given out before. I agree that Rodney brings out the strong vocals in Brandy though. Her vocal production and harmonies on Afrodisiac were the best. But in terms of her vocal range, Full moon and Human did take her there.

It's nice to see Brandy and Ray-J back on form again, because they've both encountered some traumatic career set backs. And it's nice to see they've got each other's backs. Hopefully their new VH1 show will give their careers the springboard they severely need.


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