Brandy shows Monica some love

Everybody likes to believe Brandy and Monica be scrapping like hoes in the street - but the fact of the matter is that they are good friends now.

In light of Monica's Still standing out performing way beyond every bodies expectations and topping charts - Brandy spoke on the situation and what Monica's success means to her.

I bet Brandy genuinely did feel good about Monica's success. Because if Monica can hit back with a chart topping album and push units to have Justin Bieber's release feeling threatened, then Brandy can; surely?!

Brandy and Monica both came up around the same time and have had their successes get trampled on by young artists in a constantly changing soundscape and industry. Monica's success with Still standing most certainly showed Brandy that you can stay true to the sound you've always rolled with, and get your break and much deserved success in one fell swoop.

She needs to hit up a hair salon and find a hair style that works for her before she rolls out with an album hoping for success though. Because she can't be rolling out with that her gangsta hairline and those super bad wigs. Whenever Brandy gets the hair right, the goes and f**ks it up with some nasty style a couple of weeks later. I loved the bob she was rocking when she went to Japan last year, and was performing here and there.


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