Chris Brown featuring Tyga - Holla at me

Bad boy celebrity 'cos I'm so large ♪ Breezy needs to check himself. The only thing large in his career right now is the hole he left in it when he punched Rihanna in her face. I don't know what Chris Brown is trying to do with his life or his career, but this joint right here is not going to help it. Some stay hopeful that Chris can turn it around and recover. I don't think he can. There is just too much love for The Forehead for him to surface and catch a hit. The Forehead's fans would rather she caught another beating than let Chris have an album go platinum or a song go number 1.

With all this said and done, I didn't think "Holla at me" was that bad. I liked the beat, and Chris raps better than he can sing. His flow reminded me of Pharrell's with a touch of Kanye.

And how the hell they gonna edit out the word shit but have f**k and n***a flying around up in the song?


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