Christina's teaser for "Not myself tonight"

So Christina will be slutted out, and making her husband and son proud with this music video. I can't say I'm surprised. I heard the song. I wasn't expecting any different. I pretty much encouraged her to take "Dirrty" to the next level when I first heard it. I say slut it out till the knees bleed. I just hope the ribs and collarbones between the titties get airbrushed out or soft lit, because it was not the hottest of looks. It made me wish somebody had wrapped a Snuggie around her, and handed her a Zinger tower fillet meal.


  1. haha lol at the snuggie link @_@
    Yeah tbf the bones are a bit o_o but she doesnt look too thin in the other shots, anyway the vid looks like its gonna be hot!
    The scene with the chains and gag thing look *cough* interesting lol
    You should review the 2nd clip ^_^


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