Ciara talks Basic instinct

Ciara got hailed down on the red carpet, where she happily spilled details on her forthcoming album and disclosed its title.

I'm a little pissed Ciara didn't catch wind of my posts and decide to name the album C-Error. But I like what she went with. Basic instinct is a cool album title.

Ciara had explained the album title is in reference to the assertiveness of the sound. But I think it could mean that if all else fails and this album flops how Fantasy ride did; that she'll kill somebody with an ice pick, and then spread open her legs and show her vajayjay in a vlog on YouTube.

I'm still sitting on the sidelines with this album. Because whilst it looks like headway is being made with the project, this is exactly how it went down with Fantasy ride. We got the low down on the single, then it dropped, then we got the video, then an album release date push back. Then we got another single announcement, the single then dropped, then we got the video, then another album release date push back. A Justin Timberlake and an albums worth of leaks later, the album finally saw light of day. I hope Basic instinct doesn't go titties up for Ciara, because she can't afford for it to.


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